4D Theatre

To buy a kitchen or bathroom any other way will soon be considered an unacceptable risk!

Immersive virtual reality (VR) is fast becoming a highly sought-after solution that protects the end consumer against buyer remorse. 4D Theatre is an enjoyable and much talked about VR customer buying experience that fast tracks the sales cycle, securing a commitment to purchase.

Features & Benefits
4D Theatre
  • Immersive virtual reality simulation
  • Real-time photo rendering (90 renders/sec)
  • Real-time virtual hands
  • Upselling tools (Design Options/Product marketing videos)
  • Voice commands
  • Surround sound
  • Product interaction (animated parts)
  • Video window scenery
  • Live lighting scenes
  • Seamless design editing and pricing through Virtual Worlds Professional CAD and ONE Price
4D Theatre
  • For Retailers…
  • Improved conversion rate
  • Increased transaction value
  • Quicker sales cycle
  • Increased footfall (demand)
  • Multiplier on footprint (virtual displays)
  • Improved word of mouth referrals
  • Strengthened USPs
  • Chargeable service
  • For Customers…
  • Peace of mind
  • Informed decision making
  • Instore theatre (entertainment)
  • Protection against buyer remorse

The art of selling

A kitchen or bathroom is part of everyday life for most of the population and requires no explanation. Stepping inside a true to life simulation of a kitchen or bathroom allows your customers to try before they buy, quickly understanding the proposed design concept so they can immediately voice any dislikes or concerns. Compared to the traditional consultation process, sat in front of a PC, where lengthy verbal explanation could see much of the information being lost on the customer, 4D Theatre makes instant meaningful sense of everything. With a sense of really being there, walking through their room, using hands to open and close doors and drawers, there is a mass of information being absorbed, understood and retained. Dislikes are quickly converted into likes and upselling to a higher specification is successfully secured through fast, switchable option changes.

Selling kitchens and bathrooms is simple and natural with 4D Theatre.

Showroom expansion

Every KBB professional will agree: If it’s not on display, it’s harder to sell. It is also true to say, that not having product on display could see a potential customer walk out of your showroom and into your competitors. The problem is, the cost and availability of showroom space is prohibitive to displaying everything a customer wishes to see. 4D Theatre is the perfect solution which effectively multiplies a minimum 3m x 3m footprint to provide an unlimited number of virtual displays, thereby retaining customer interest to close the sale.

Return on investment

4D Theatre will pay for itself in many ways. Increased sales revenue is an obvious benefit. Cost effective expansion of a showroom is another. 4D Theatre then goes on to provide businesses with strong USPs, making them stand out from the crowd to provide a better ROI from other advertising and marketing. Offering valuable benefits and protecting your customers from buyer remorse enables retailers to place a value on the service and start charging. Happy customers create more customers through word of mouth referrals. 4D Theatre is a brilliant marketing tool that will drive business in the door.