Design Cloud

Extend the reach of your business beyond the cloud

Virtual Worlds Design Cloud has been developed to extend the reach of your design business across any time zone, 24/7.

Design Cloud allows your Virtual Worlds Professional design to be published to the cloud, and for your client to interact with the design on their connected smart device or web browser. Thus, whether you’re communicating a design concept with an overseas client, or helping your customer sell the design to their nearest-and-dearest, the Virtual Worlds Design Cloud has it covered.

Features & Benefits
Design Cloud
  • Interactive 3D design viewing
  • Optional design expiry dates
  • Design viewing notifications
  • Real-time animations
Design Cloud
  • Retailer
  • Extended business reach
  • Improved customer interaction
  • Protected IP
  • Call to action
  • Customer
  • Peace of mind
  • Remote design viewing 24/7
  • Remote consultation


How it works

Once created, your 3D design can be published, with an optional expiry data, to your own private gallery on our Design Cloud server. In response, you receive an automated email containing a link to the published design, which you forward to your client. Your client then views the design either via their web browser or via our freely available Design Cloud app. Viewing statistics are collated, and you will receive an email notification when the design is viewed enabling you to gauge interest in the design. Once the expiry date passes, client access to the design is removed, ensuring the continued control of your designs.

How it’s used

After receiving an invitation email, your client can open and explore their 3D interactive room design moving in fluid motion to any point in the room. Doors and drawers can be opened in real-time and pre-set viewpoints can be loaded. Having the ability to communicate 3D interactive designs remotely helps you to resolve questions quickly and with little fuss, both before and after the sale.

Return on investment

In many situations, Virtual Worlds Design Cloud can be the solution to keep a project moving forward without the need for costly face to face meetings.

The viewer app is free to download now