Virtual Worlds Professional

The only CAD system you will ever need for Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Beautifully covering the full spectrum from simplistic space planning to detailed professional interior design, ‘Virtual Worlds Professional’ empowers KBB designers and retailers to convert a higher number of sales whilst achieving higher sales values.

Design concepts are created in a unique 3D interactive environment where all inputs are visualised in real-time, be it dimension, position, material changes, or opening doors.

Features & Benefits
Virtual Worlds Professional
  • 3D Interactive CAD with animation
  • 2D Plans and elevations
  • Photo realistic renders
  • Movie creation
  • Physics engine- flexible models i.e. hoses
  • Bill of materials
  • Automated Features…
  • Design pricing with addition of ONE Price
  • Augmented Reality with addition of AR
  • Immersive VR with addition of 4D or 4D Theatre
Virtual Worlds Professional
  • For Retailers…
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved accuracy
  • Improved conversion rate
  • Reduced product returns
  • For Customers…
  • Peace of mind
  • Live interactive design editing
  • Understanding of design
  • Ability to see options


Within minutes of starting a new project the 3D room is created either from a set of predefined templates, freehand drawing, or by loading a preconfigured lit room design ready for editing. The design is then built up with products from a comprehensive library of top manufacturer brands and generic items.

Intuitive automated features save time throughout the design process. For instance, a selection of coving, skirting boards, architraves, dado rails and picture rails can be fitted around the room with a simple click of a button. Intelligent connection points automatically snap compatible products together to save time in positioning them and to reduce the likelihood of incompatible products being specified.

Tiling designs are quickly created using templates and a tiling wizard. With each tile being a 3D model rather than a repeatable image, grout width, depth, colour and alignment can all be adjusted with ease.

Design options can be created and demonstrated to make the retailer more effective at upselling. Once the design is complete, photo realistic images, video presentations and 2D dimensioned plans and elevations can be generated.

With Virtual Worlds ONE Price (extended licence required) the design can be priced seamlessly within Virtual Worlds at any stage of conceptualisation.

Virtual Worlds allows you to increase your productivity and performance throughout all the stages of the design and sales process.

Best software brand – The balance of probability

Virtual Worlds has been awarded the title of Best Software Brand at the BKU Awards for two consecutive years, as voted for by KBB manufacturers and retailers. Countless testimonials (available on request) endorse Virtual Worlds’ performance in increasing sales revenue. CAD surveys run by independent manufacturers all show that Virtual Worlds has over 65% market share across independent UK bathroom showrooms. By comparison the closest competing CAD system has less than 20% market share. Our market share provides manufacturers with an effective channel to market, for which they are happy to commit to long term commercial agreements.

Software architecture USP

The success of Virtual Worlds lies within the architecture of the software. Where other CAD systems are native 2D, some of which try to simulate 3D (faux 3D), Virtual Worlds is built on an interactive virtual reality graphics engine (true 3D). Where other systems have a fixed camera position that requires constant re-adjusting to obtain the required views, Virtual Worlds operates to give a live fluid view of the room, allowing the user to position themselves anywhere within the scene in real time. It is this fundamental difference that sets Virtual Worlds apart to stand out from the crowd and to pioneer immersive virtual reality to create 4D Theatre.

Component level catalogue USP

The Virtual Worlds product library is unique both in its structure and the detail contained within. Rather than one complete 3D model created to represent several components, Virtual Worlds contains a 3D model for every ‘price dependant’ component. These are then automatically inserted and assembled to create the complete product. The reason that this unique feature is important is evident when you consider the versatility of Virtual Worlds; not only as a design tool, but also as an accurate quotation and ordering tool.

One example of this versatility would allow a designer to reconfigure a WC by changing the seat and cistern for other compatible options; for instance, swapping parts for an oak soft close seat and a rear entry cistern. Because the seat and cistern are modelled as individual component parts, they are easily changed in the design, and importantly, while the need is still front of mind. By doing so, the design price is automatically refreshed, and the quote and purchase order are automatically updated to accurately represent the design.

Component level cataloguing is unique. It delivers many benefits to the retailer and enables Virtual Worlds to deliver a level of sophistication which is unrivalled by any other CAD system.

Return on investment

Virtual Worlds represents the best value for money by providing your business with one highly effective solution that covers all sectors. In offering a unified customer experience for kitchens and bathrooms, your business will benefit from a simplified sales process and reduced training requirement.