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Training is King!

Continuous training and personal development plays an important role in driving sales for your business.

Our new training passes give you access to training courses of your choice at a special discounted rate, whilst also spreading the cost over twelve months. Passes will auto renew after twelve months, ensuring you are able to keep your skills up to date.

One training pass equals 60 credits, which can be redeemed against the course or session of your choice.

Full list of courses available with Training Passes

VW Professional

45 Success Credits
Per Person

Starting to use or changing to a new CAD package is never easy, but the right training can make the transition as smooth as possible. Our Professional Training course has been designed to give you the building blocks to become a confident and efficient Virtual Worlds user. During the course, you’ll discover how it works, and why it’s done this way, giving you the tools you need to succeed.

VW Expert

15 Success Credits
Per Person

Ready to know more about Virtual Worlds and how it can transform your business? Our expert sessions cover a range of topics, from lighting and rendering, to helping you save time with Virtual Worlds’ commercial capabilities. Please fill out the contact form to get in touch and find out more.

EQ Training

15 Success Credits
Per Person

Handle everything from accurate pricing to ordering and installation with intelligent workflows that make organising your bathroom business easier.

VW One Price

15 Success Credits
Per Person

Create accurate quotes in the background as you design with Virtual Worlds One Price. Save time, and reduce the chance of errors and maximise your margin. This course will show you how.


30 Success Credits
Max 4 people

Maximise your training investment with a custom session bespoke to your requirements. Whether it’s a large group, small group, online or in person, or you want to cover something specific, our professional training team will work with you to create a course that fits your needs.

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    Need some help with Virtual Worlds?

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