VR Accessories

Practise good headset hygiene and provide optimum comfort for your clients.

4D Virtual Reality Headsets

4D virtual reality headsets are simple to wipe clean after every use, allowing your clients to enjoy an immersive design experience.

Making hygiene a priority, the headsets feature a wipeable cushioned face guard, to which adhesive disposable face masks are then fitted. Retailers are encouraged to follow some simple yet effective headset hygiene guidelines, which are demonstrated in the video below, to provide clients with an enjoyable buying experience.

Order your hygiene supplies here:

Universal hygiene covers

HTC Vive Headset covers

Cleaning wipes

Sanitiser spray – Do not use on VR lenses

Compressed air spray – For cleaning lenses

Cleaning the Headset

please see the following video guide to cleaning your headset.

This information was last updated 28th February 2023.

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