Virtual Worlds Professional 7.3 now available

The latest update of Virtual Worlds provides a variety of improvements including:
  • A revamped method of autosaving which adds rolling backups to a specific backup folder and acts as a safety net against losing your work.
  • Various 2D diagram enhancements including improved dimension control to allow any dimension to be deleted, a new option to select units from their dimensions and a new ‘overflow’ line to tidy up smaller item dimensions, all of which will make your work more efficient and accurate.
  • Additional functionality to the Catalogue tab allows a user to hide, show or uninstall catalogues so you can find the items you wish to use quickly.
  • Adds a new ‘Help’ tab to the Virtual Worlds start page, linking to the Virtual Worlds online help system.
  • Improves the use of manually edited textures, allowing them to be remembered and applied to other items.

Click here for a full list of updates

Download your version today from the Virtual Worlds User Centre!

Additional updates for users of Virtual Worlds 4D Theatre
  • Adds a new opening sequence, for a smoother user experience. It also puts your customer in the correct, positive frame of mind to view their new room.
  • Adds support for units that have been mirrored in 3D.
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