Virtual Reality

The end of buyer remorse

In a market where e-commerce is the competitor, KBB retailers are having to bring more to the table. Here Nathan Maclean, managing director at Virtual Worlds, gives his views on how to stay ahead of the game. As the notion of buying at your fingertips becomes something of the norm, retailers are being challenged to […]
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From ‘gimmick’ to Google

Google celebrates the life of French illusionist and film director Georges Méliès today with it’s first-ever Virtual Reality / 360⁰ interactive Doodle. Méliès was one of the revolutionary early filmmakers and he saw film and camera as a way to transport people into a story and to immerse them into another world and as the […]
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20th Anniversary Roadshows

Here at Virtual Worlds we are celebrating two decades of innovation by touring the UK with our very latest virtual reality (VR) technology. Virtual Worlds turns 20 in July, and we’re marking the occasion by inviting KBB retailers to try out the very latest innovations during a roadshow at various locations throughout the year. We plan to show designers the power of virtual reality […]
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Thinking inside the box….

  For a moment, imagine that you sell houses and for some reason you never let your prospective clients inside. Instead, you tell them to walk around the outside and look in through the windows. If you were to sell houses this way, what opportunities would be lost and what level of buyer remorse will […]
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